Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Favorite Food

This is one of my favorite foods. Many people do not like it but I bet you after you taste this; you will love it... hah!

Ok, I give you a is bitter in taste. You guess what that is. Correct! It is bitter gourd deep fry with some spices powder.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My 2008 Birthday Cake

July 19 is my big day. My wife, my sister and I, we planned to celebrate my birthday at Thirty-Two Restaurant. My sister was the one who arranged the table reservation and others.

When the day comes, as usual I picked up my sister and her two-year old daughter, Chloe at their house and we straight away ahead to Thirty-Two. We reached our destination, we find our seat, ordered foods and beverages, we chats a lot, really have fun on that day.

While I was away from the table to bring Chloe to have a short walk, when I came back to my table, I was so surprised that the pianist is singing the Happy Birthday song for me and the waiter is placing down a lovely birthday cake right in front of my table. Wow! I was so touching and surprising!

I’m really happy on that day, thanks to my wife, my sister and little Chloe to make my birthday a special one.

This is the Thirty-Two Restaurant.

My lovely birthday cake and it is taste good.