Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Desmond's Gift, Ezy Roller

Last Sunday (14 Jun), my wife and I attend my boss’s son (named Desmond) 5th birthday party. The party is started at 7pm but we reach his house at about 7:15pm. When we arrived, a few of my colleagues already there too! It is a buffet style of party, and there are varieties of good food already been served to guests. At about 7:30pm, we can see more and more guests are coming already and making the whole situation so merrier. Well, for adults, of course foods are all we enjoying for besides chatting and make new friends to each other. While for kids, they sure will have their own activities to play around.

The cake-cutting ceremony took placed at 9pm. As usual, after the cake-cutting, Desmond was so excited to open up the gifts that he received. So, he and his friends are busy themselves with all those gifts. Wow! Ezy roller is the most preferable gift that Desmond received from his Uncle James. Desmond’s mommy is present him a personalized children’s plates where printed on the back of the plate with “Happy 5th Birthday to Desmond”; while Desmond’s daddy is present him a toddler backpacks where there is an embroidery of “Desmond” in front of the backpack. All those makes the gifts are so special and unique!

About time 10pm, we (my wife and I) and some of our colleagues left the party.