Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Good Piece Of Cloth, Banner

Do you think banner is important? Well, to me banner is a very important kind of piece of cloth as its bearing a symbol, logo, slogan and other message related to some event held or even a business details to introduce to the public.

In olden days, when we want to make a banner we have to search for banner maker to do the designing as well as printing. And that will end up cost us a lot of money and it is rather time consuming too! But now with technology world, anything can be done via online. There are so many free banner makers available in the internet like is one of the good examples. We can create and design our own custom banners by using their system. After done with the designing, we can save our artwork and bring it to printing shop to make the banner. Save time and save designing cost right!

If you are planning to make your own event banner or business banner, why not take a look the above links and have fun to design your own creation of banner.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hokkien Funny Video

Work stress? You must watch this hokkien video. JLE you for sure love it... ^^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Durian Oh Durian

Last Saturday when my wife and I went to Batu Lanchang wet market (afternoon/evening session) to do a little marketing we both stumble on the durian which label as “ang heh” (it is hokkien dialect which means red shrimp). Since my wife hasn’t tried this brand of durian before, so we both bought 3 durians of that brand.

Now the price of durian is a bit cheaper already. It could be ending of the durian season I suppose.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Desmond's Gift, Ezy Roller

Last Sunday (14 Jun), my wife and I attend my boss’s son (named Desmond) 5th birthday party. The party is started at 7pm but we reach his house at about 7:15pm. When we arrived, a few of my colleagues already there too! It is a buffet style of party, and there are varieties of good food already been served to guests. At about 7:30pm, we can see more and more guests are coming already and making the whole situation so merrier. Well, for adults, of course foods are all we enjoying for besides chatting and make new friends to each other. While for kids, they sure will have their own activities to play around.

The cake-cutting ceremony took placed at 9pm. As usual, after the cake-cutting, Desmond was so excited to open up the gifts that he received. So, he and his friends are busy themselves with all those gifts. Wow! Ezy roller is the most preferable gift that Desmond received from his Uncle James. Desmond’s mommy is present him a personalized children’s plates where printed on the back of the plate with “Happy 5th Birthday to Desmond”; while Desmond’s daddy is present him a toddler backpacks where there is an embroidery of “Desmond” in front of the backpack. All those makes the gifts are so special and unique!

About time 10pm, we (my wife and I) and some of our colleagues left the party.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Towel Wrap, Nap Mat and Children's Plate As A Gift.

I stumbled on this nice site called “Posy Lane” yesterday. You can find almost anything you need via this site related to gifts, invitations and embroidery.

I show my wife the personalized towel wrap that she’s eagerly to have one when I was on business trip in United State last year. She asked me to buy one for her. Too bad, I can’t really find the taste that she likes and just managed to buy her a plain white towel wrap only! In the website, the towel wraps are so colorful and overall have nine colors and three sizes namely child, teen and adult. My wife loves the pink and purple towel. On top of that, Posy Lane do provide the embroider services, if we want to present this towel wrap as a gift to someone!

Another item that I find useful is the toddler nap mat where it’s able to rolls up and has Velcro closure with carrying strap for easy to carry around during travelling.

One adorable product that I wanted to share here is the melamine personalized plates for children where its dishwasher safe and also make of a super strong (BPA free) plastic. I think this is a great gift for children where we can embroider his/her name or some nice wording on the plate.

Let’s take a look at this website,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Penang Kite Website

Today would like to recommend to all my friends who stay near or in Penang. Kite Enthusiast of Penang has been established since year 2005. But due to lack of publicity and practice always in Pantai Bersih Bagan Ajam, not many people really aware of this club.

KEOP affiliate to Malaysia kite council and many times has been represented Malaysia to join International kite competition in USA, Thailand, China, UK and etc… Feel free to drop by the website because you will feel fun on the website and I do encourage you and your family can join us flying kite.

You may go to for more detail. ^^

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm back to live

I’ve been missing in action for so long, finally I’m back to live! I quite busy lately after our management have make an announcement that 2 of our factory plants will be shutdown this coming year end and all products, equipments as well as employees will be transferred from Penang to another state. I need to work out with my boss related the equipments and head count that need to be transferred to there. Anyway, I will try my best to find some time to update my blog!

As I mention in my blog, my new hobby is to fly stunt kite. This season in Penang, it is kind of hard to have a strong wind blow during evening and night time except in the afternoon where the wind blows strongly. In order for me to have chance to play my kite, I have to fly it at afternoon then! Poor me, the sun at afternoon usually is very hot and the Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the component of sunlight which is harmful to my skin and might cause sunburns and sometimes even get skin cancer. So normally before I started flying my kite, I will for sure to apply the Sunburn cream and wear my Nike sunglasses that I purchase online from Shop Wiki website.

Look at my Kite. Are they beautiful or not?

Here is my new Nike sunglasses.

I’m also joining up the club “Kite Enthusiast of Penang” and also help to set up a website and designing member ID’s card. I really enjoy fly kite and every Sunday I will joining the team member to go to Pantai Bersih, Bagan Ajam, Butterworth to play kite.