Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Lichun" festival at Kek Lok Si Temple

In traditional Chinese Culture, “Lichun” (立春) is a solar term marking the beginning of spring in East Asian cultures. For Year 2009, Lichun is started on 21st Jan till 25th Jan. And Chinese New Year is celebrated around this time which falls on 26th Jan and 27th Jan.

During “Lichun” many temples in Penang will have a prayer (by monks) and “lantern-lite-up” ceremony. The purpose of the ceremony is to worship and offerings to the gods and ceremonies for a blissful and prosperous new year (2009).

On 30 Dec 2008 (Monday), my wife and I, we went to Kek Lok Si Temple to make a donation for the “lantern-lite-up” ceremony on 21st Jan (which is the 1st day of Lichun). Upon making the donation, the person in charge in the temple will write down our name and our prayer or wishes in a piece of paper. My wife and I, we pray and wish for love, peace, harmony, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Right after we make the donation, the person in charge handover this red packet for us. Inside the packet is consists of items like below picture.

I would like to share a few photos of Kek Lok Si Temple that I taken during Chinese New Year 2007. The temple is so impressive with thousands of lights. All the lanterns in the temple are the donations from Chinese community from Penang especially, other states in Malaysia and even from tourist.

Marriage Life Before and After !!

My friend send me this message. Just would like to share with all my friends and for you to laugh !!! ^.^

Before marriage.
Darling here.. darling there...
After marriage.
Baling here... baling there..

Before marriage.
I die for you. . .
After marriage.
You die, up to you.
Lagi lama married.
You die I help you!

Before marriage.
You go anywhere. . I follow you.
After marriage. .
You go anywhere. . up to you .
Lagi lama married.
You go anywhere, better u got lost!!

Before wedding
you are my heart, you are my love
After wedding
you get on my nerves.

Before wedding
you are sweet and kind just like Cinderella'
After wedding
you are worse than godzila'

Before wedding
Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I'm with you
After wedding
Roses are dead, I am blue. You get on my head, I sue you!

Before wedding
Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La
After wedding
You want to go, he says you wait-la!

Before wedding
She looks like Anita Sarawak
After wedding
Don't know whether katak or pontianak

Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry X'mas 2008

Last weekend, my wife and I did our Christmas shopping. When we enter to the mall, we can feel the Christmas atmosphere as the mall is decorated with Christmas items. As foresee a lot of shop started to sell Christmas items. Every year, my wife and I will setup our x’mas tree at home but this year we are lazy to setup. Does anyone of you willing to help kah? Kakakaka

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Credit Cards

In the 20 century, almost everyone of us owned a credit card. For me, credit card is a MUST item as when I have a business trip to oversea, all the expenses like payment for hotel accommodation, car rental and etc is all done by using credit card. Usually, before ones have a business trip to oversea, our company will asked that employee to apply AMEX Corporate Credit Cards. AMEX has a very good reputation as well as a very good system. Everytime when I have my shopping especially in US, I got a special discount rate.

For my personal usage credit cards, I have CITI credit cards, HSBC credit cards and Maybank credit cards. But so far I consolidate all my payment by using Maybank VISA card because it is a zero interest credit card when I did my purchase from retail stores.

A lot of people actually owe money to credit cards but I suggest what we can do is to joining up all credit card balance transfer scheme. This will help to reduce some monthly or yearly interest. But I urged to all that do not owe any credits to bank. Buy whatever we afford to buy and don’t over spend. Good luck!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Space Ranger Tumble

During my first trip to USA 4 years ago, my wife and I visited Disneyland. I was so attracted by this water tumbler and decided to purchase it from the retail store. I get many freebies upon purchase and also can have a free soft drinks fill up in the tumbler. I like the design and I think it is special and beautiful that is why I bought it. But I dare not to use this tumbler to work...ending up this tumbler is a kind of souvenir and I placed it in cabinet for displaying only...hehehe

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yoga Mat

Recently I have put on weight and that’s worrying me much. I was thinking whether or not to follow my wife to attend yoga class. Anyway, I’m still thinking as I’m not sure that I’m going to like yoga or not! What a big deal, I can always do other type of exercises instead of yoga right? But, due to I have slipped disc problem, I can’t do many types of exercises. According to doctor’s advice, yoga and swimming are suits me most.

Since today is Saturday and I’m dillydallying at home doing nothing, so I log on to the shopping site Shop Wiki to look for yoga mat. I prefer to shop online via Shop Wiki as it has 30,000 stores compared to other shopping sites that usually have about 1,000 stores only. So I can find almost anything I need via Shop Wiki.

Wow! There are many types of yoga mat I found through Shop Wiki. Some with double sided mat; non-slip mat; some included with the shoulder carry strap and even they have yoga mat for kids. I showed the site to my wife and she is very fascinated by the Fitness and Yoga Mat. As this mat is suitable for her when she is calling the message lady came to do body message for her at our house.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hong Kong Airport

During last business trip to United States, I need to transit at Hong Kong. And the duration for the transit is 6 hours. It is a long hour to go! Luckily I have the privilege to enter the business lounges at the airport. In there, I can surf net and watching movies to pass my time. And the lunch provided is not bad too!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About Technology

Nowadays, everyone is talking about technology. Technology has its pro and con. With technology, it can improve our life and make our life easier but in the other hand, it might worsen our health. Why I say so? It’s because of “lazy” man only can think of shortcut way to improve their life or simplify the process to so-called “technology”. Let’s take staircase and escalator or lift as an example. If you need to use the 2 mentioned option to reach your destination, do you think you will choose to climb up with staircase or lift? Hahaha...Of course I will choose using lift or escalator to reach my destination.

Another technology that conquers in our life is Electronic Mail box , so-called Email. In the pass, we need to have pen or pencil, paper (some even with fragrant) and stamp to write a mail and then only post it by dropping it in Mail Boxes and wait for few days or months only our mail will be received. But today, with email, what we need to do is just type any words and with few clicks, our email has been sent and in a few seconds it will be received. Thumbs up! But in some occasion, I still prefer the “traditional method” of writing a mail whereby the “hard copy” kind of way as it shows we value the friendship, love and time by preparing the letter.

Do you ever think that you need a safer mail boxes to keep your mail that delivered via post? Well, I have attached a few beautiful mail boxes for your reference. Just take a look!

Japanese beer

Not sure any one of you likes to drink beer? For myself, I seldom drink beer but sometimes I did drink at home. When I attend wedding party or any function, I will definitely not drink any type of beer because it is not safe with “drink and drive”. I stumbled on this picture in Hotel EQ few weeks ago. It is the Japanese beer. Frankly, I never try it before and I know that their traditional beers are made from rice and they called it as “rice beer”.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Private Sauna At Home

I have put on weight lately and was thinking of purchasing a small saunas system to install at our house. I have talking to my wife Amy for some time and we are still thinking about it. I was trying to get infrared sauna information from website. The major benefits of infrared sauna are detoxification of the body, weight loss, pain relief, sore throat, stress relief, joint stiffness, increases blood circulation and many mores advantages to our body.

Far Infrared heat source are safer than Sun UV lights. It actually direct penetrates through our body’s tissues over 1½ inches right into the muscle. Its energy output is tuned to correspond so closely to the body's own radiant energy that our bodies absorb close to 93% of the infrared waves that reach our skin. If you want to choose sauna system, do make sure you select sauna system comes with infrared because steam sauna rely on heat and nothing much help on your body healing. If you have already purchased one, don’t forget to call me to try your system! ^^